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Minato in kyuubi mode… because fuck you, that’s why.

"The next generation will always surpass the previous one. It's one of the never-ending cycles in life."

Seriously, I love this chapter!

I love the way how Naruto actually knows who and when they were coming! I loved how Madara shouted at Hashirama like there’s nothing happening; not a war or the fact that everyone’s fighting for their lives, -it was like a reunion of old-time friends *not that they weren’t friends in the first place. 

you get the idea.

And how can I forget Minato! I practically screamed especially the scene were he had the same kyuubi’s chakra. I was smiling the whole scene when naruto and kurama talked about him. LOL

and yeah, Team 7 is back. Welcome back Sasuke.

Though, I’m betting on Naruto! Uzumaki for the win! Team Uzumaki for Hokage! >_< *sorry Sasuke!

One of the best scenes. (Refer to picture above)

Aghhh!!! Minato it pains me to think that you actually think of sakura as… naruto’s girlfriend! Why?! Why?! And don’t you ever think of Kushina the same as her!

Leave me in my own corner. T_T My heart is breaking! stupid Naruto! huhuhu….

Beloved Minato, I can’t believe it.


631 - Team 7
In which they reunite